William Raleigh Duke (1720-1793)  and Mary Green of Bute County, NC.

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     William was born at Hays farm in Devenshire, England which was the birthplace of Sir Walter Raleigh. 

     William Duke's parents died when he was a small lad, and the estate passed, according to English law and custom, to his oldest brother.  So William Duke was left poor and brought to Virginia by his relative, Col. William Byrd, of Westover on the James River, who reared him and gave him the rudiments of a good business education and better than all, taught him to work. 

     In 1727, Col. Byrd was appointed one of the Commissioners to run the dividing line between Virginia and North Carolina, and as we learned from his published account of the surveyer, he was so pleased with the  soil of what is now Warren and Granville Counties, that he called it the "Land of Eden", and pronounced it a great country for a young man.  A short time afterward, William Duke, probably through Col. Byrd's influence, moved to North Carolina, and in 1735, married Mary, a daughter of Thomas Edward Green, who lived in what is now Warren County, then a part of Edgecomb County.
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